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Hello fashionistas,

I am glad to announce that Cute activewear is now open for contributors to write for us. We are a fashion and Activewear blogger for all the fashionistas and fitness dresses lovers.

How to become a contributor with Cute activewear?

In order to become a contributor to our Website, you need to write articles about fashion clothes, Workout Clothes or any kind of athletic wear. If you feel you would fit into our niche we would love to hear from you.

Terms and Conditions:

1)Content should be original, no spin article and You cannot publish this content anywhere.

2)Your content must be related to my site category.

3) You must have a good command on English.

4) Guest post must be at least 700 to 1000 words per post.

5) You have to provide us 2 images relevant to your content. If you have downloaded from anywhere else then give the proper credit.

6) You can give 1 link per post that link the post to your website.

7) NO affiliate link.

Why You Should Write for US?

You assist us to keep up with great content and top-notch posts and in return, CuteActivewear will help you to get more advantage more exposure in addition to promoting your website and get golden visitors.


It’s very simple. Simply click on any of the BELOW links to apply now! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

You can simply email us on rebecca@cuteactivewear.com and we will get back to your request.

Stay Stylish and fit.