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Mesh cutout leggings best tips and tricks for womens

written by Rebecca rose May 31, 2018

Some tips and tricks for mesh cutout leggings

mesh cutout leggingsMore and more girls realize the advantages of using Mesh cutout leggings. Until a while ago there was only one type of legging. The typical basic, a fabric with which everything was transparent and did not sit very well unless you had a body of scandal.
Over time, it has evolved to such an extent that they have become an indispensable garment in the wardrobe of any type of woman, have the style you have and also, follow the trend that follows.
Although the leggings have evolved and are becoming better and better fit your body, not all feel good. First of all, you have to know what characteristics a legging should meet so that even before you try it, know that it will sit you in the movies.

How should Mesh cutout leggings be?

Thick and strong fabric. The fabric of a good legging means that no skin or underwear is transparent. Before even prove, touch or sure reading the label or the description is a product of bulk tissue and/or strong.

Flat Belly Effect. A good legging has to carry an extra reinforcement in the area of the abdomen, so that it can flatten this area and smooth the belly, reducing to a size the waist itself. This effect is a complete wonder!

– Rear Push Up Effect. Designed mesh cutout to enhance today butt and this one does not end up like “ass folder”. The Push-Up Effect enhances the cuff, getting a more butt back.

– Smooth Effect Cartucheras. The legging can get smooth the area of the cartridges thanks to its extra strong fabric. In fact, the one that is designed to smooth them also has the double function of smoothing the cellulite and that is not noticed. This is what we like, huh ?! 🙂

– Leggings anklets, at a perfect height, so you can wear it with boots, booties, sandals or dancers. They will look like a pair of pants and there will be no wrinkles in the bottom area.

And now that we know what characteristics we should look for when buying a legging, we will also tell you 5 tips and tricks when it comes to dressing. 5 indispensable rules that you should ALWAYS take into account:

– Wear underwear the same color as a legging. If it is black, choose the lingerie that you like, but be careful if the leggings is another color with which you can see everything …

– Do not wear underwear that you check. Lace underwear, plummet, with bows and ornaments are the most beautiful and sensual, that is more than clear. Even so, if you are going to wear a legging, you should keep in mind that perhaps these clothes are best left for another time. Lashes or thongs cut to the laser or seamless are the best options to wear under the legging.

– Stockings are not leggings. Do not use dark or somewhat thicker tights of the account as if they were, needless to say, that they can play a very bad pass …

– They should only be used for blouses, sweaters or long blazers. After all, mesh cutout leggings are “pants” but very tight. With them, we probably will mark the culete more than the count, in the same way, that can also be marked the front area. It is very important to know that it can look great and sit in movies, but always with the right blouse or sweater. If you wear leggings with a short T-shirt, you’ll stop going casual, to look like you’re going straight to the gym, no matter how neat you try.

– Do not use light colored mesh cutout leggings if you have a lot of cellulite. For tastes the colors, and if you like white leggings, cream, moronic too, pink … you must take into account first if your legs allow you to wear this type of color. The reality is that we all have cellulite, more or less, but it depends on each one to know how far we can go with the color of a legging.mesh cutout leggings

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