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The Brooks PureFlow 4 running shoes Features:

written by Rebecca rose June 7, 2018

Brooks PureFlow 4

Brooks PureFlow 4: Features.

The Brooks PureFlow 4 running is one of the most popular segments running shoes low profile. A specific segment to which a whole legion of runners is ‘hooked’ to the natural running.. Which prioritizes running in a more natural and efficient way. Those who tend to the concept of minimalist footwear.

The fifth generation of the Brooks PureFlow 4 comes with a total transformation.

The fifth generation of the PureFlow comes with a total transformation. The American firm has opted to mark a turning point and this latest version little. If anything has to do with its predecessor the Brooks PureFlow 4. In the Brooks PureFlow 4, the characteristic drop of 4 millimeters is maintained which means that the model continues to be a reference for runners with medium and high arches. However, the first variation to highlight is the weight, since in this latest version it has increased slightly: 261 grams for male runners, and 221 grams for female runners.
The radical change of the Brooks PureFlow 4 aims to offer an agile, light and very flexible footprint, able to adapt to the profile of each runner in each stride.
Thus, the first impact is found in its renewed upper. The upper part of the Brooks PureFlow 4 features 3D Fit Fit coating. Which strategically combines structure and flexibility to offer a comfortable fit and improve support. The wraparound cane that surrounds the foot provides this model with greater comfort, resulting in an ultra-smooth tread. In addition, the 3D technology used in the upper confers anesthetic with a certain futuristic touch.


Brooks PureFlow 4

More dynamic cushioning about Brooks PureFlow 4.

In this fifth version of the PureFlow, the real revolution appears located in its midsole, where the North American firm replaces the DNA BioMoGo system with the LT DNA, which is a material 10% lighter, and which provides a more dynamic cushioning, seeking to adapt to each step.
Another notable detail is in the back area of the shoes. At this point, a rounded heel has been incorporated in order to disperse the impact, and thus also reduce the load and pressure on the joints. The race will be much more comfortable in every kilometer traveled from the first to the last step.
The Brooks PureFlow 4 is designed for neutral runners looking for an ultra-flexible model that allows them to run in more natural ways and feeling each step on the ground.

Characteristics of Brooks PureFlow 4.

Gender: Man, Women.                                                                           Weight: 261 gram.

Drop: 4mm.                                                                                                Cushioning: Minimalist, Medium cushion.

Constitution: Leight, Medium.                                                            Tread: Neutral.

Surface: Asphalt.                                                                                      Use: Training.

Average rhythm: 4:30 – 5:30 min / km, <4:30 min / km.          Foot condition: Normal, Low Arc. 

Foot support: Heel.



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