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Experts tips 5 best ways to wear black leggings.

written by Rebecca rose June 8, 2018

black leggings5 best ways to wear black leggings.

One of the maximum secure gadgets you could put on, but this cross-to cloth cabinet staple has its detractors. The most important complaint from the naysayers is how leggings are worn and what is worn with and I’m right here to help you pair those with stylish options, specifically now that fall is upon us.
Present both at night and in the day, on a disc or in the middle of the street, have become one of the most versatile garments these days. Depending on what we combine them with, we can create thousands of different looks. And there is nothing better than the practicality of varying our style through a single garment!

Of all the various ways of wearing black leggings and combinations that may exist, here in this exclusive video of Mujer, we show you 5 to inspire your look. Go find your legging and recreate your outfit!

Keep reading to see the looks …

1- Elegant appearance with black leggings.

If you wear plain leggings, you wear a blazer and high-heeled shoes, we achieve a most elegant appearance for the night. Actress Liv Tyler is perfect for a dinner with next to a shirt in the same tone, a sophisticated color blazer, stilettos and a small wallet.

2- Appearance chic.

The leather legging is one of the garments must have of the season autumn-winter 2017. An outfit that never fails is to combine them with a loose sweater or blouse, as here we see Olivia Palermo. It glances the chicest and fashionable.

In this case, what you use on your feet will make a difference; high heels for the night or a more formal occasion, and slippers for the day and a more casual occasion.

3- Casual appearance.

If the leggings that of sophisticated looks like the previous ones will be versatile we will pass to the simplest outfit of all: leggings, cotton t-shirt, sneakers or sneakers and ready to go for a walk! This is the star garment of the casual style.

4- Appearance rocker.

A little denim, a little leather, and boots and we already achieved a rock look like a singer Havana Brown with our legging.

The jean shirt is a good companion to black leggings.

5- Monochromatic appearance.

For the night, you can also play with a 100% look at the same color; look how splendid is the Uruguayan Natalie Kriz with her black legging, black blouse, and boots as well. In this case, and to give a touch of life to the look, you can use accessories with a lot of colors.

A perfect occasion for the trend of neon colors! And now keep reading because I show you more look.

More ways to wear this!
In this gallery of images, you can see even more styles with the legging. Click on each image to enlarge it.

What can other looks like legging you think of?how-to-wear-leggings

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